Chris Land holdings

Partnering to provide construction projects for residential, industrial, and commercial clients in the Middle East

Best construction management company in middle east

Partnering with ROHZ group of companies in the middle east for execution of projects has empowered Chris Land Holdings to cater to our esteemed clients in the region. ROHZ group extend their years of expertise and manpower to quality and time bound delivery of projects to Chris land Holdings.

Our privileged customers particularly value our commitment towards eminent engineering, workmanship and timely execution of work. We aim to provide quality service to

Residential , Industrial & commercial projects
Villas & High-tech Residential Projects
Multi storied buildings & shopping malls

Three pronged approach

With the most accurate pre-construction program giving client a comprehensive, three-pronged approach that includes robust cost estimates, a thorough review of all design and construction documents and a detailed operational plan. These three components work together to eliminate cost surprises, accelerate construction, and maximize performance for your budget.

01Precision in cost estimating

Model-enhanced massing studies, analyse the first cost and life cycle cost of the proposed building materials, and consider a variety of ways of execution of the project.analyse current local market conditions,consider bid strategies,apply sustainable building approaches.

02Document review

A team of construction professionals such as the pre-construction manager, the project manager, the superintendent and our constructability review specialist evaluates the design for constructability and quality.

03Operational planning

Our operational plan addresses details such as severe weather preparedness, job hazards, equipment testing and commissioning, quality control, FF&E coordination, building occupancy plans, team communication protocols, and project reporting.
The rare combination of traditional general contractor and sophisticated construction manager. We do offer a substantial workforce whose craftsmanship and attention to detail are consummate in the industry and we embrace an approach that is truly "hands on" – where company owners and principals are directly involved in every project, providing with every personal attention.

We focus not just on the end result but more on the process...

This enables us to deliver the absolute best quality, at the best value. On-site and off site , we build the expressions of dreams that matter...

History of undoubted performance under difficult conditions of challenging projects we are the contractor of choice for our clients. When encountered with works adjacent to occupied facilities and sensitive environments which are part of established complexes, you can rely on us to overcome obstacles and develop solutions around the demands and constraints of your most complex projects.