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Dr. Robert Christopher

With a vision to work towards the betterment of the State of Karnataka and serve the community through professional ventures, Chris Group of Companies, led by Dr. Robert Christopher, is present in various business verticals. With gifted business acumen and administrative capabilities, Chris Group has established its presence in the medical, hospitality, and educational sectors. The recipient of various awards, Chris Group is also making its mark in the construction, interior designing, and general trading industries.


Our Mission

Provide our clients with exceptional service and superior quality in every project we undertake. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs to exceed their expectations


Our Vision

To be a leader in the construction industry, known for our exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Create sustainable structures that leave a positive impact on the environment.


With a vision to work towards the betterment of the State of Karnataka and serve the community through professional ventures Chris group of companies led by Dr Robert Christopher is present in various verticals of business. With a gifted business acumen and administration capabilities Chris group has marked their presence in medical, hospitality, and educational sectors too. Recipient to various awards Chris group is also marking its presence in construction, interior designing and general trading.

An avid traveller visited the US for breakfast meeting with former US President Donald Trump on 08/02/2018. Inquisitive to world business trends Dr Robert visited Germany, France, Israel, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai (UAE) for trade related activities.

Dr Robert Christopher is also the president of Newark trust running homes for destitute, which also functions as a rehabilitation centre for 1000 inmates.


Corporate social responsibility – Initiatives

✅︎ Actively participated with NGOs to reach out to poor sports persons and poor students.

✅︎ Organized AIDS awareness camps & Blood donation camps in Karnataka

✅︎ Organized workshop on ‘Globalization’ in Bangalore in 2001, World Peace March in Nov 2003

✅︎ Organized international Mushayara in Aug 2005 for which workers of ‘Jardozi’ & ‘Chikan Kari’ awarded.

✅︎ Organized a workshop on ‘Role of Citizens in curbing crime’ with the help of State Government, Media, Academicians and other stakeholders.

✅︎ Chris Hospital provides free treatment to the poor and needy specially SC/ST Families, including surgeries, free treatment and supports various orphanages.

✅︎ Ventured with ‘YWAM’ (Korea) to provide affordable cardiac surgeries for a very minimal cost.

✅︎ Distributed relief material for the flood affected areas in the year 2003-05 & 2015 & Relief fund for the Tsunami Victims.

✅︎ Provided vehicle loans and other loans for self- employment, pension for old age, and blankets for poor, medical assistance for encephalitis patients & cancer patients, Ambulance services for the poor, particularly in poor strata of the society (SC/ST) families.

✅︎ Honouring women workers & Encouraging youth by providing them with sports equipment.

✅︎ Provided Cardiac & general surgeries to the poor at free of cost with the help of YMCA.


Political initiatives

✅︎ Currently Vice President of Karnataka Minority Cell of the Congress party.

✅︎ Working President Indian National Trade Union Congress Youth Wing of Karnataka (INTUC) Connected with several social organizations for the welfare of the minority communities and downtrodden.

✅︎ Associated with Nehru Yuva Kendra programs, a unique program which was formulated for the youth of India by our beloved departed Leader Shri Rajiv Gandhi

✅︎ Participated in South Zone Rajiv Gandhi Youth Leadership Training Camp under the Leadership of Ashok Tanwar in July 2005, Bangalore


Minority representation

Dr Robert Christopher aka Christy is also known as the face for Tamilian & Christian population which accounts for 24.69% vote share in Central Bengaluru. With a keen focus on addressing issues which matter to the general community he believes in politics with principle. Keeping aside time for social work while handling multiple ventures he never fails to reach out to hear the needy

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